AssmannPeiffer bietet als Kanzlei für Energierecht speziell auch Beratung zum Energiewirtschaftsrecht und Energieumweltrecht



AssmannPeiffer advises companies comprehensively - not only in the field of the classic energy law and the law of the renewable energies, but also in matters concerning the related fields of civil and public law. The following eight cases give an insight into our wide-ranging advisory practice.

Each case study is based on specific advisory assignments of general interest to demonstrate our wide range of professional Knowledge and to provide Information on the current and future major trends in the energy industry.

Individual business concepts depend on the global energy industry trends. For example in cases of decentralized electricity generation and consumption concepts like the on-site electricity production by tenants (“Mieterstrommodell”). Or business models that use flexibility options such as power-to-heat systems or virtual power plants. Such flexibility-based business models will particularly encounter favourable conditions in the design of the new electricity market.

No matter how different the individual business concepts may be, they have one thing in common: they are strongly influenced by legal frameworks and governmental regulations.