AssmannPeiffer berät als Kanzlei für Energierecht auch große Industrie-Kunden in Deutschland und Europa.

Energy Industry


The energy market is reinventing itself. This represents a major challenge that offers exciting opportunities. The liberalization of the market will offer many possibilities for entrepreneurs. However, these entrepreneurs will also face new economic and legal hurdles, for which classic business models are no longer appropriate and are in Need of a redesign.

These trends are further reinforced by the energy transition (“Energiewende”) – the energy market will therefore continue to evolve. For energy companies wanting to keep up and benefit from the reorganization of the market, this means they need innovative business concepts.

Since the grid-based energy supply, in particular, is subject to an intensive regulatory framework, a solid legal knowledge is essential for the implementation of new ideas in this field. Also, on the stages of energy production and consumption, only players familiar with the relevant legal framework will be economically successful. At the same time, the legal situation is often complex. No other area of law is as interdisciplinary as Energy Law – it comprises, for example, European law, German constitutional law, administrative and civil law.

However, this complexity also offers opportunities: special knowledge enables companies to position themselves better in the market and to face competition successfully. Especially in the current, ever-changing legal situation in energy law, specialized advice and legal representation contributes significantly to the success of a business.